Saturday, 3 December 2016

Gary Numan, An Annotated Scrapbook (now on sale!)

My lovely big book about Gary Numan's Machine Music phase is now out on sale. There are only 400 copies printed. It's more than 300 pages thick and is properly printed (i.e. not digitally printed) on the finest paper and costs £60. It is orderable through bookshops in every country in the world, except Canada for some strange reason. It's on Amazon here, and they DO have it in stock despite what they say (and don't buy them through Amazon re-sellers because they DONT have them in stock despite what they say):

Alternatively, you can buy copies direct from me for £55, but I don't take paypal or credit cards, so drop me a line for payment details.


The blurb:

Gary Numan was one of the first pop artists to place equal emphasis on image and sound, a true Warholian artist who advanced on Andy’s light and sound experiments with The Velvet Underground, by bringing a real grandeur to live performances, and by changing the music of the world with a single finger.
This book collects together articles from England, America, Japan, Spain, Italy and Germany, to give a clear picture of the first years of fame of the modest young Englishman, and which show, for example, that Numan's 1979 album Replicas is the missing link between the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and the film Blade Runner.

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